Experimental Body Method


  • Experimental body method opens an access to the intelligence producednaturally in the body and develops your POTENTIALS on physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and mental level.
  • Consciousness penetrates the whole body. Any cell senses.
  • Experimental body method deals with dynamic relations between consciousness, thoughts and emotions and between motional and behavior patterns.
  • Different problems will be brought into motion with experimental body method. It will be investigated, experienced, touched, felt and seen with help of free vital motions.
  • A testimony is necessary for integration of the results
    to experience yourself directly trading as unity of
    in relation to the real world our communication-, experience and developing spaces are expanding towards freedom in self expression and in action.
  • Chi, the vitality, is able to flow free and a new resonance field comes into existence
    responsible and self-determined
    the end of the


I am working with methods of the Body Mind Centering.