Reiki Initiations

1st Grade n.A. 150,-€
2nd Grade n.A. 250,-€
3rd Grade n.A. 350,-€
Mastergrade n.A. n.A.


Sat Nam Rasayan

1 Minute 1,-€


Kundalini Yoga

per Session 12,-€
10 Sessions 100,-€



1 Minute 1,-€


Experimental Bodywork

single coachings 1 minute 1,-€
group coachings n.A. n.A.


Tai Chi

2 hours tuition 20,-€


One Sat Nam Rasayan treatment generally takes 30 to 60 minutes.
One session experimental Bodywork can be appointed individually.
Length of Session by agreement.
As a base for calculation, one minute will be 1€.
People with small salary will get a discount on rates.
Free Energy Compensation
Payment by installments possible.