Sat Nam Rasayan a holistic healing method

Sat Nam Rasayan


  • is a holistic healing method
  • means healing or deep relaxation in the name of the divine
  • is Sanskrit
  • means go into the essence of the real identity
  • is a traditional healing method
  • is a very precise type of healing
  • reverts for healing exclusively to the consciousness



Sat Nam Rasayan is a holistic healing method coming from
Kundalini Yoga developed from the healer Guru Ram Dass
(1534-1581). This Indian healing tradition exists for several
millenniums and is used in several traditions and cultures as
a “natural way” of healing.

Sat Nam Rasayan is healing in the name of the divine.
Healing happens in an internal space of silence.

Anything existing has a right to exist. This is the base
assumption of Sat Nam Rasayan. This healing method
helps to loose tendencies and limitations in body, spirit and
emotions. It is more than a method it is a kind of creation which
connects to the essence of all healing. With this art of healing
over centuries sickness is described as a tendencyof the body
to react which can be shown as pain, emotional problem or
severe sickness.

The healer is neutral without prejudice or intoleration. She
gets in touch with the patient by allowing emotions to flow.
Emotions are elements of communication and transformation.
Change of sickness and finally healing will be achieved when
receiving everything showing by no interference. Sat Nam Rasayan
works without additives such as drugs or needles. It works with
pure attention, in pure faineance, in complete presence of the

It is possible only through the attention in the meditative
consciousness to balance and change the elements, meridians,
chakras, muscles and joints as well as psychic conditions.
Thereby healing can happen. This method isalso good to support
or complete other therapeutic methods.

For a long time this healing method coming from the Kundalini
Yoga has beentaught only in secrecy. Today Sat Nam Rasayan is
taught by Guru Dev Singh.Guru Dev Singh is a primary student of
Yogi Bhajan. In 1992 he established the Sat-Nam-Rasayan-healing
school in Assisi, Italy. Now, he is teaching worldwideinstructors
who support the circulation of this art of healing.