A brief history of Deeksha

Sri Amma und Sri Bhagavan founded the Oneness University
in India during 1991 and consequently brought the Deeksha
phenomenon to the western world.
Today, worldwide there are more than 1 million members.
The underlying intention is the complete and unconditional
freedom of human beings.
Wholeness is the most natural form of life.
Deeksha helps us to feel the connection of oneness with our life.
Life is simply a state of peace and acceptance with all that is!


Oneness Deeksha


It is an ancient technique where spiritual energy is transferred.
Deeksha is Sanskrit for ‘blessing’
It is an ancient technique where spiritual energy is transferred.
Deeksha initiates the opening of our consciousness
leading to a deeply established sense of ourselves
where love and compassion come into being.
Deeksha opens our heart. Healing occurs in body, mind and spirit.
Joy spreads from the inside to the outside.
A state of bliss, relaxation and deep clarity comes into being.
Deeksha can be simply transferred with the hands.
The giver softly lays the hands on the head of the receiver.
Also, Deeksha can be transmitted by the mind over distances. 
Through Deeksha the energies in the brain are redistributed.
The brain stem is calmed while the frontal lobes,
which are responsible for bliss, happiness and contentment,
are activated.
A Deeksha transmission takes but a few minutes and costs 10,- €.




Get yourself ready

Get an empty mind

Let your thoughts come to peace

Awake the CHI

Parting the wild horse’s mane

Based on the earth open yourself up for new experiences,

transgressing the own pattern and boundaries.

The crane spreads its wings

Moments of balance in the movement

Compensation of heaven and earth

Stepping through the valley

Clear the way

Cut through the old and the past

Playing the Pia

Falling into the Dan Tien the door of living

Chasing away the monkey

Learn to distance yourself from your constantly speaking computer in your head

– the monkey.

Two birds are flying

The interaction of Ying and Yang

Give and receive, expand and contract, resist and soften.

The whip

Clarity and decisiveness

Waving hands like clouds

“The observer on the hill” without efforts “Wu-Wie”

Everything is in permanent transformation and flows into each other.

The whip

Clarity and decisiveness

The window to heaven

Lightness, high attention, all senses are open.

The dragon right / left

Power and stability

To feel and to use the own powers, to expand

Snake creeps down right / left

Following the water which is always searching the deepest line

The extreme, the darkness

Golden rooster

Joy; the light after darkness

Jade girl weaves the firmament


We all are parts of the creation process

Picking up the needle from the bottom of the sea

Point of light in great depth

Spreading the arms like a fan

Clear vision

Thunder hammer

Last threat of the past; requires powerful resoluteness

Turn resistance punch

Last centering

Breakthrough to the new





End and start, new beginning


Everything is transformation

Everything is flowing

Everything is movement

In silence calm as a mountain

During motion as the course of a big river

Inspire the Chi, your innermost vitality

Meet yourself by moving yourself, regardful and easy-going.

Tai Chi is a way which comes into existence while walking on it!

Release your conditioning and pattern

Open yourself gently

Welcome the natural rhythm of the source.

During the workshop all pictures of the Peking-style will be connected little by little to a flowing self-contained motion sequence.

To get you in the mood we are working with elements of the free dance with experimental bodywork and guided meditations.

Reiki wisdom


Just today do not be annoyed

Just today do not worry

Be friendly to all living being

Earn your living honestly

Be grateful for the many blessings

Reiki is a way of self-awareness


and the symbol DAI KOMIO

is your heart beat.

DAI KOMO says:

The light is present in all exiting.


Initiation in the first degree

Preparatory talks as needed

Initiation over two days

Initiation in the second degree over one day

Reiki flow increases essentially

Initiation in the third degree over one day

Initiation in the master symbol

Action turns to NON-ACTION

The circle of Reiki is closing

Initiation in the fourth degree

Instructor or master degree

If you get into resonance to receive initiation please let me know.

I accompany you through all phases which are associated with REIKI INITIATION.

Energy compensation is subject to prior mutual agreement.


Reiki is universal life energy!


What does that mean?

  • Reiki is divine energy which penetrates all.
  • The effect of Reiki is immensely various.
  • Reiki is enhancing life and therefore expression of the divine work. Whereby divine stands for the nameless which has many and also no names something which inspires the matter.
  • Reiki power inspires and strengthens all which already exists in the disposition. The essential talents, creative abilities, our gifts and the power to heal our body from the inside.
  • Each human being has this universal life energy. By the Reiki initiation the conscious access to this source of life increase.
  • Reiki helps to bring the best of you in appearance, expands existing abilities and shows parts of live which are not integrated, yet.
  • Reiki is a silent way.

At best it is possible to understand REIKI with the heart similar to LOVE.

Become quiet. Give room to the tender flow of the energy.


  • Coaching makes self-reflection possible, works solution and target-oriented, improves the perception of experience and behaviour.
  • Coaching is an instrument which allows people to move from one place to another.
  • Coaching is a developing instrument. The coach accompanies the person being coached on his individual way as a neutral “travel partner”.
  • He/she does not work out the answer to problems or conflicts. Rather he/she acts as neutral conversational and interactive partner which opens, relieves and accompanies the person being coached in the process of the individual (further-) development.

I use several intervention methods.

Coaching will be offered as single session. In crisis intervention also possible by phone.

Chakras energetic centres

Lower triangle


Root Chakra

Earth / Certainty / Survival


Sacral Chakra

Water / creativity


Solar Plexus Chakra

Fire / Activity & Balance

Centre of balance between upper and lower triangle

Upper triangle


Heart Chakra

Air / Love & Empathy


Throat Chakra

Aether / projected power of word


Third Eye Chakra

Intuition / Wisdom / Identity



Crown Chakra

Humility / Vastness

Kundalini Yoga

shiva gruen

Kundalini Yoga is a method to become NONENTITY so that ALL may flow through you.

Yoga connects the Shakti Centre at the end of the backbone with the Shiva Centre on the top of the crest.

The ascending Kundalini energy moves through all chakras (energy centres).

  • Kundalini is the creative potential of the human being
  • To practise Kundalini Yoga is a way of human development which unifies body, spirit and soul.
  • Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic, powerful instrument to expand and stabilize the awareness against yourself and your surrounding world.

 Kundalini Yoga contains:

ASANAS  physical exercises and posture
PRANAYAMA breathing technique
DHYHA meditations
MANTRA spirit projection
Mudras ritual hand movements

Happiness is your birthright.

healthy, happy and holy.

Prayer is your power, your protection, your hold.