Reiki is universal life energy!


What does that mean?

  • Reiki is divine energy which penetrates all.
  • The effect of Reiki is immensely various.
  • Reiki is enhancing life and therefore expression of the divine work. Whereby divine stands for the nameless which has many and also no names something which inspires the matter.
  • Reiki power inspires and strengthens all which already exists in the disposition. The essential talents, creative abilities, our gifts and the power to heal our body from the inside.
  • Each human being has this universal life energy. By the Reiki initiation the conscious access to this source of life increase.
  • Reiki helps to bring the best of you in appearance, expands existing abilities and shows parts of live which are not integrated, yet.
  • Reiki is a silent way.

At best it is possible to understand REIKI with the heart similar to LOVE.

Become quiet. Give room to the tender flow of the energy.